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  When healing occurs within a person, the World becomes a more tranquil and peaceful planet for all kind. When healing takes place, a higher cosmic vibration is transmitted, and it returns in kind. Book "I Am Healed Therapeutiks"  today to begin your path to healing!

Thank you!


Adria is the best, I got a massage from her, I was having pain I'm in my legs, she massaged them and now I feel much better, she is so positive and very good at what she does, I can't wait to see her again! thank you Adria for making me feel better.

Barbara Drake

I've seen Adria for the past couple of years. She is a gifted practitioner and is results-oriented in her work; she works to find where you'd like to see improvement, and she works diligently toward your goals. Nice facilities and hospitality make her a great choice for those of us who require some skilled human intervention to keep our bones and muscles in tune! And the "Zen" vibe is a bonus to slow down the brain waves of we high-strung types! 

Bill Roberts

I have just a few comments and praises for her abilities. SHE IS AWESOME!!! I have known her and gone to her for massage therapy for years and always leave her 'magic hands' feeling renewed and revived! She definitely has the touch. 

Marilyn Saadon

Adria has been working out my aches and pains for several years now. Her service is impeccable! Thank you for relieving my aches/pain!

Matt Day

Not just a massage but a complete massage experience! From the ambiance to just the right amount of pressure and so many extra touches, Adria is simply amazing!

Tiffany Rachelle

Our firm has greatly benefited from Adria's chair massage service to our office. She comes to our location at least once a month and we all look forward to the relief she provides during our busy long stressful workdays! I highly recommend her!!!

Mark M Jones & Associates PC 

Peace and blessings, my past life regression process under the aid and guidance of Miss Adrian was beautiful experience for me. Though my inner experience got intense; Her very gentle supportive and professional technique guided me through every Avenue successfully. Though I cried excessively it was a great release and relief . It has given me Great Peace of mind and assurance for this lifetime. I am so grateful! Much love and success to you, my sister as you continue your GREAT and Mighty Walk/Work for our ancestors!ASE ASE ASE TOO!

GivThanks, IyamodeO!🙏😘❤💚💜

Iyamode O

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Tess Timonial

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

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Hugh Canduit

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All appointments require a 24-hour cancellation notice.

Prices are subject to change. 

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