My name is Adria Evans and my goal as a Holistic  Therapist  is to provide healing therapy to the whole person and not just the body.  Humankind  is composed of Mind, Physical Body and an Ethereal Spirit that exists on the very thin line between the Spiritual and Physical realms.  When you retreat to,  I Am Healed Therapeutiks,  you'll experience the interplay of Mind, Body and Spirit  through superb services from someone who's  been in the wellness business for over 20 years.  IAHT stands up to the demands of the client who seeks an experienced therapist  who will access a wellness regimen according to their therapeutic needs and who will deliver thorough results as promised.  I have years of experience with different holistic  modalities and I am very passionate about the holistic  needs of each client.  My practice includes  Western,  Eastern and Cosmic Holistic Therapies.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Thai Massage, Reflexology and Sound Healing Therapy.  

Everyone should experience and receive the gift of wellness, why not you?

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Deep Tissue

The benefits  of deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  The deeper the massage the more connection on a cellular level to the underlying pain.   Healing from  muscle discomfort recuperation is faster and the reduction of pain is long lasting.                     

75 (60 mins)  105 (90 mins)

 Sound Therapy

Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls provides  deep​ relaxation and helps to reduce pain throughout the body.  It increases mental and emotional clarity  and reduces stress and anxiety, significantly.  A deep sense of wellness envelopes the whole-being while increasing a deeper form of connection to a subconscious level of peace and tranquility.     

 95 (90 mins)

Hot Stones

This massage is the total approach to extreme relaxation.  Basalt water-heated stones are carefully placed and massaged  across key points of the body . A soothing warmth melts your stress away while  promoting healthy blood flow through the expansion of blood vessels.  This stimulating massage eases muscle aches and pain and increases circulation and metabolism.                       

105 (90 mins)

Sports Injury Massage

Whether you are an athlete  or in a physical training program, you could be at risk of sustaining a sports injury. Before, during and after a rigorous sports training, competition or event,  strengthening the body's core through stretching the muscles and keeping the joints flexible, the client can increase energy and lessen the possibility of an injury.  

105 (90 mins)